Adams Career Academy

We are a nonprofit (501c3) CTE (Career & Technical Education) provider and US Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Program, helping individuals develop skills to earn industry-recognized credentials and a livable wage while connecting employers to more diverse and skilled talent pipelines for all essential industries as well as the jobs of tomorrow.


We are also the new home to AS Peoria’s Discover Apprenticeship Tech Program!!

IRS Activity Codes: J20, J21, J22 & J30


Begin, With the End in Mind!

We are an 'outcomes' driven academy that aims to provide learners an opportunity to

Thrive (an apprentice will learn his/her own way, using his/her own learning modality to reach full potential in the learning environment.)

Advance (apprentices will have program options that allow them to work at their own pace while enrolled in courses that satisfy any prerequisites and/or intern-entry criteria for college and career transitions.

Compete (apprentices will eventually be able to complete coursework earning nontraditional credits which allows apprentices to receive high school and college credits simultaneously.

Apprentices can thrive, find their passion, and learn in an environment that encourages discovery at their own pace. Over one million apprentices have chosen ACA-powered apprentices. Will you join us?

Why Adams Career Academy?

Prepare For Both College & Career

Apprentices receive an education that's not only relevant but allows them to earn college credits, gain work experience, develop real world skills, prepare for certification exams, and much more.

5 World Languages

Our partnership with Google gives us the ability to provide our courses and materials in 5 languages including English. The others include Spanish, French, Japanese and Korean. We also provide Rosetta Stone.

Tuition-free Job Training

Online programs provide a personalized approach to learning. This personalized program is tuition-free* and is self-paced. We offer cohorts at select brick-and-mortar locations.

Certified Courses

Unlike traditional schools, apprenticeships benefit from instruction from industry leader. The curriculum's mastery-based online lessons include hands-on learning away from the computer. The commitment is about 3 to 6 hours per day working on lessons.


Find your local worksource board and register so that you are able utilize all of the benefits, funding and wraparound services provided by the state and funded by the WIOA (Workforce Investment Opportunity Act). Access our database HERE.

Independent Courses

ACA’s flexible courses and cohorts can supplement your high school or college curriculum and help an apprentice catch up, get ahead, or explore an interest. We understand that not all circumstances are the same and we want to provide every individual with the same opportunity.

"Adams Career Academy is a wonderful place to learn. Our facilitators are empathetic, kind, and supportive. The program is well organized and efficient. But what keeps our apprentices coming back are the wonderful lessons we teach and resources we give them every day. They are in the right hands."

Dr. Malcolm Adams®


Courses offered.
States represented by our apprentices.
Eligibility for International Cohorts with 8% under Cultural Council.
Mentorships with less men and more women.

At a Glance

Tuition-free online asynchronous courses, powered by ACA and available nationwide, offer apprentices a high-quality education.

Apprentices receive:

Award-winning online curriculum and hands-on materials.
Instruction from state-certified teachers.
Access to robust course offerings that include core subjects in multiple levels, world languages, and a wide range of electives.
An individualized learning plan tailored to each apprentice’s strengths and needs.
Access to an online community and a variety of support—all designed to help apprentices feel connected and engaged.


“Adams Career Academy is undoubtedly the best program for it’s commitment and ability to impact the youth.”


Board of Directors

Washington Street Community Center

“What I am today is because of Adams Career Academy. The mentors are very helpful and committed towards adult learners.”


Jeffery Chavis

Quality Metal Works, Former Apprentice

Because you deserve to shine.

Enroll for a new admission on or before April 2024.