Tech Futures Initiative

Objective: Our goal is to bridge the gap between emerging tech industries and the workforce by providing targeted apprenticeship programs in high-demand tech fields such as cybersecurity, data analysis, and software development. This initiative would align with the NIST framework for developing skills in critical and emerging technologies.
Activities: We plan to develop curriculum in partnership with tech companies and educational institutions, provide hands-on training and mentorship, and ensure apprentices earn industry-recognized credentials. This program targets underrepresented groups in the tech industry to promote diversity and inclusion.
Impact: We aim to equip participants with the skills needed for high-wage tech jobs, meet the demand for skilled tech professionals, and foster a more diverse tech workforce.


IRS Activity CodesĀ 

J20: Employment, Job-Related

J21: Vocational Counseling, Guidance and TestingĀ 

J22: Vocational Training

J30: Vocational Rehabilitation

Because our future must be brighter.